Coworking spaces first appeared in San Francisco in 2005. These shared workspaces combining home-based work and a business work environment are now becoming increasingly popular.


They make for a great cross between the comforts of home-based work and the social richness of a business work environment.

Working for yourself, but together. That is the spirit that the French Hub wishes to embody in its shared workspace in Grand Baie.

Over a total surface area of 40 m2, 8 workstations allow for individual work in a communal space. With this kind of working arrangement, you benefit from a budget-friendly workspace while being in an environment that facilitates and encourages interaction with other professionals.

Are you a young entrepreneur? An independent commercial agent? Do you work as a freelancer? Your home is not necessarily the best place to work productively and make the most out of your day. Coworking at the French Hub will allow you to benefit from quality professional interactions and high-speed fibre-optic internet connection.