For many startup = Silicon Valley, but is that really the only location for launch today startups? If you have entrepreneurial dreams, you’ll want to consider Mauritius: one of the most attractive countries on the African continent. When considering starting your project, it is interesting to note the following points:


A startup can work for years before she realized profits. That is why the funding is important. Without funding, startups can develop products and services that will ultimately make the business profitable. In Mauritius, funding opportunities are numerous. You can find investors, loans with discounted rates and other plans that help local and international entrepreneurs to invest and to launch projects on the island.

Educated workforce

Startups are based on an educated workforce that understands how to develop new ideas and follow complex directions. Mauritius is a country where all human resources are not available. However, the government has already put in place measures to facilitate the recruiting of foreign specialists in all sectors. With a large catchment area in the region: Madagascar, Kenya, South Africa and Reunion Island. Countries with both a considerable level of education and a high unemployment rate, there are more and more foreigners coming to work in Mauritius.

Quality and cost of living

A low cost of living often means a significant advantage for startups who therefore pay less for offices and commercial property and can enjoy a comfortable living conditions. In many cases, it is shown that companies can pay employees at a reduced salary without affecting their quality of life. Also live in Mauritius presents financial advantages: rents and food are much more affordable compared to other countries in South Asia, for example. Moreover, the living conditions are very good: education, health facilities and infrastructure are well developed across the island.

Economic health

A startup needs the stability of a healthy economy. Without economic health, there are many uncertainties which can force startups to take less risk and participate in the slow progress. The island shows a steady growth in recent decades and the economic indicators are very positive. The Mauritian purchasing power of the middle class is increasing.

Taxes for ‘small businesses’

Taxes for ‘small businesses’ allow startups to successfully allocate more money to research and development of new ideas instead of paying taxes to the state. An ideal tax environment for starting is one of the best benefits that Mauritius can offer entrepreneurs. In addition, laws in Mauritius are really business friendly.

Opportunities in the environment

Startups fill the void in society and create new ways to provide products and services to consumers. The Mauritius being a developed has still many unknown possibilities for new businesses and for some beautiful years ahead.


Text inspired by Mr. Pollet, Co-Founder of Pongo Soft Ltd